Good Habits verses bad habits

Habits can either help or hurt you.. . Do you ever feel tension when you don’t follow through on something you said you were going to do? You know the old should have, could have, would, have if only. It’s simple enough to just do it.  I mean is it worth the worry that you put yourself through?

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit good or, bad. I’ve  given up one my worst habits of playing online games.  It’s been over six month since I’ve gone to  game sight. I finally realized I was  they were an excuse not for me not to write.

Of course you do have to ask yourself, how important is  it  for me to this? If it’s not all that important to you’ve  stressed yourself out for nothing.

Which brings up another subject. How come we are so willing, and I’m not saying it’s wrong to help others,but not ourselves? More than that why, is it so hard to ask for help? This topic I know for me is bringing up  so many issues, yet  they all tie into the same problem.

In closing let me leave with this. Be good to yourself and you’ll be good to everybody else in your  in your world.


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