Good Enough

The lack of motivation  can sometimes make you feel like your muse has left you. Especially, when your working on a scene and suddenly can’t decide what happens next. One of the things, I do is have the character in that particular scene I’m working on  write me a letter. As funny as that seems you’d be surprised at the answers you get. Writing is supposed to be fun,but I for one worried that every word has to be “perfect.” Until one day, I realized I’d never finish writing my book if I kept going over and over the same scene.

Then of course you over think what you’ve  written and you question if your Good Enough? I learned a lot of this very topic from a site I found online and downloaded the eBook.  The site name  whose name escapes me at the moment. Actually, it’s the second book I read on this very topic.  The other one is “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough and Doggone it  People like me. By Al Franken of Saturday Night live fame. It was meant to be funny,but there was a lot of truth in  it. It’s an old book,but worth reading. I have read it twice and loved more the second time than I did the first time.

If you would go to the site below and either contribute to my campaign,or share it on your Facebook,or Twitter Page. I’m trying to raise money to Self Publish My Children’s book a portion of my sales from  book will go to the Lions club who help under privileged children get eye glasses.  I would really appreciate your help.

Thanking you in advance,



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