Hey, What’s so Funny?

When I got into writing seventeen years ago It was because of two oldest nieces.  Both girls where in collage out of state and coincidentally, in the same college.  I being the worrywart aunt didn’t want them to feel home sick. So, I created  two college age characters and told a story about what each one was doing. Humours stories of course.

Speaking of which I love writing humor. Humor can get you through just about anything.  Besides, who couldn’t  use a laugh every now and again?  You would be surprised at how many funny things turn into a story. Instead of” beating myself up” because I misspelled a word,or ahem posted my blog without proof reading it.”  In a hurry to post it.”Hey, I say to myself you didn’t kill anybody. Let this be the worst thing you do.”

Keeping a positive attitude will keep you focused..

Having, said how I feel about humor that i’m going to share a bit of humor with you.

Most of us write everyday.un intrupted of course except for the phone ringing, the dog barking begging for a treat. My answer to that. Naturally, I give him the whole bag Which she promptly hides and cries because she can’t find it. Of course later when he looks at you with his big brown eyes and crosses his paws because he wants to go out.

“Ha you really know how to lay on the guilt dog.” I call him  dog  because we never got around to naming him.

By we I mean my “husband”. .

“George the dog needs to go out. He grunts and goes back to watch the game.

Of course this short snip is pure fiction. Since I don’t have a husband or a dog,but its humor.

This blog today has bits and pieces of everything. It’s like baking a cake. I’ve thrown  in a  little of this and a little of that.

I hope you find humor in it.


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