When The Words Won’t Come.

Did you ever look at the bud of a Spring  flower? Day after day you look at hoping it had bloomed.  You become  Impatience and  force yourself  to stop watching it.. Then one day you “visit” the bud and find  that the little  bud, has now turned into a beautiful flower. A flower will  bloom if it gets enough water and sunshine.  If it doesn’t get enough water and sunshine it won’t   bloom.  So, goes, it  with our writing.

You work on a story you want so much  turn into a novel. . You get frustrated, you’re tempted to delete it, but  common sense tells you this is not the answer. So, you  don’t  delete it..( Never,Ever delete a story.) (In all honesty, I have to admit when I first started writing, I did delete a story and have regretted it ever since.)   Just like a flower it takes time to grow your story and  if your patient story will turn out to be something you are very proud of.. .

I’m repeating something I said in an  earlier blog.  Surround yourself with like minds they will support you when you’re struggling. . I know, I have those kind of friends.

I’m inclosing a short snip it from the book I’m working on.

From a distance, I could see him coming toward me  My heart beat faster the closer he came.. His ebony  hair  had turned to silver,but the smile he gave me I remembers so well. As  I looked in to his eyes the years folded away and the tears slid down my face. Why they broke up I couldn’t remember. Suddenly it all came back to me.

This story still needs a lot of work,but as you can see the words did come.

Each of us is given a talent writing is mine.

Sunshine and Roses always!


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