Starting Over

I haven’t post a blog in a while. It occurred to me that this was yet another thing,I had started and not continued. In order not continue, I started by posting a new blog.

A but if humor…

. Have I ever told you about my cell phone? Let me tell you it has taken technology to a new level. At least in my eyes.. It talks ,or shall I say she talks to me.. You heard that right. I call her,Bella. Anyway,  Bella will wake me up  wake me up at anytime of the day or, tell me that my battery is low . One night she called me a  2 in the morning!

Oh,well, if she doesn’t  reminded me, who will?

If I get a text she reads it to me. I think she’s a bit on the nosy side.  Frankly, I think its an evasion of privacy If she starts answering  the doorbell.I’m in trouble..

What can I say? She came with the phone so, I’m stuck with her. can’t report her to anybody. She’s just a voice on my phone,much like on star is in a lot of cars today.


On another note….

Joan’s Elder Care Guide: Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive

I’ve recently  reviewed  a book in titled, Joan’s Elder Care. By author Joan Y . Edwards. There is information in this book about Elder Care that I never thought of. I  enjoined reading it. This book should be in every home,Doctors office and yes, Library..

My first children’s book will be out in a couple of weeks. Time to start another one. The only problem is.. I’ve three books running around in my head and I don’t know which one I want to work on first.


In till next time..have a good day. On and read a good book!





Good Habits verses bad habits

Habits can either help or hurt you.. . Do you ever feel tension when you don’t follow through on something you said you were going to do? You know the old should have, could have, would, have if only. It’s simple enough to just do it.  I mean is it worth the worry that you put yourself through?

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit good or, bad. I’ve  given up one my worst habits of playing online games.  It’s been over six month since I’ve gone to  game sight. I finally realized I was  they were an excuse not for me not to write.

Of course you do have to ask yourself, how important is  it  for me to this? If it’s not all that important to you’ve  stressed yourself out for nothing.

Which brings up another subject. How come we are so willing, and I’m not saying it’s wrong to help others,but not ourselves? More than that why, is it so hard to ask for help? This topic I know for me is bringing up  so many issues, yet  they all tie into the same problem.

In closing let me leave with this. Be good to yourself and you’ll be good to everybody else in your  in your world.

My Journey To Publish My Children’s Book.

I started a crowd funding campaign so that I could self-publish my first children’s book See-mores Big Adventure, I thought that all I  had to do is post my campaign and the money would come rolling in.  Nice dream,but I soon learned it doesn’t work that way..  After having little success a  month ago,I started a second campaign.

The second campaign is moving slowly,but people are referring it  to others and for that, I am grateful to those who are sharing it.  It’s hard work,but it’s worth it. In the end I will be able to self  published my book and be able to donate a portion of my sales to the Lions club who help provide glasses for underprivileged children.

This is See-more  If only he would get glasses he could see more..
This is See-more If only he would get glasses he could see more..  He’d rather get stung by a bee, fall of rock andslip of a tree limb and then have his friends know he needs glasses.


An Author’s Dream

This month,I have a special guest blogger. Author,  Candace Conradi. Candace does a lot to help writers with her Professorial writing Service. but she also has another  dream to do more.

Below is her story, her dream:

If you have a writer’s heart you will always feel an emptiness in your life if you ignore your calling.

There was a time I walked through books stores and libraries, longing (actually, aching) to join the ranks of the authors I admired and yet wondering at the same time, What have I got to say that has not already been said?

Then I met a woman who changed my life. She told me that what I had to say was different from everyone else. Since then I pass her blessing on to whoever will listen! There may be no new stories but there are a million different new ways to tell old stories.

I remind the authors I work with of something attributed to Michelangelo. When he was asked how he carved his masterpiece, The David, he responded:

 ‘I didn’t carve it. I simply removed the parts of the stone that were not David.’

 That is what it is like to write. A writer’s first draft is the block of marble. Once created, the sculpting of the masterpiece begins. The truth all writers must face is that without the block of marble, there is no story. Getting that first draft written has a greater likelihood of success when done with the help of a supportive community.

Writers form their stories in the silence of a quiet room or favorite coffee shop, but all creativity is fueled by life itself. If isolation is the writer’s workshop, then community is the writer’s laboratory. Supportive writing groups can be the life boat in the middle of the ocean when we feel our book is sinking! Members within groups become valuable beta testers skillfully helping each other shape their masterpieces. In a healthy writing community writers do not give up on their stories, they finish them!

Writers Inner Circle was formed to provide a safe haven for writers, regardless of genre or experience. Supporting its members from first word to self-publication, it offers weekly Q&A calls and will by summers end have six videos available to all members, helping writers break through blocks and get their books started. You can check our Writers Inner Circle out at Current monthly membership cost of $5.99 is good for one year if you join before September 1, 2015.

Writers may be a quirky lot but we change the world. Free your artist’s heart. Give yourself permission to embrace your passion for the written word. Even a few minutes a day can turn into a book if you are consistent. Your voice matters and your story is as yet untold, regardless of the number of books found in bookstores and libraries!

Candace Conradi is a bestselling author and highly effective writing coach. Her virtual writer’s village Writers Inner Circle ( provides a safe online community for artists, authors of all genres, poets and songwriters to gather and be inspired. Members also have direct access to trusted vetted professionals who are able to assist them from the first line of their story to self-publication. Her private signature coaching programs for groups and individuals provide those same essential ingredients – encouragement, objectivity and support.

Conradi was honored with the 2013 Professional Women of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women. She has been featured on the Padres Station, Channel 6 Morning Show, numerous radio and blog talk shows (many of those interviews are available on her website). She has been honored by the San Diego Public Library recognizing local authors for their contribution, Gallery 4311 Artists and Authors Series, as well as local hospice organizations. Her books are available on Amazon.

For more information you can reach Candace George Conradi through her writers website ( or by emailing her at To explore Candace’s work as an author visit her professional website at



I’m an author,writer and a blogger.  I’ve been writing since they put a pencil in my hand. I love to tell stories. I’ve changed genres and now write for children. My books will be the children, I never had. Who says you can’t have what you want?

I am JunePhyllisBaker,author.


My motto is and always will be: Never give up and never give in!